Before Springstone, I had no friends and did not know how to put a thoughtful paper together, but all that has changed.

Former Student

Executive Administration

Alexis Rucker, B.A. – Principal

Mrs. Rucker was born and raised in Southern California as an avid swimmer and completed her undergraduate education in 2006 from UC Irvine in Psychology and Criminology, Law, and Society. Upon graduation, she began working for the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Harbor Area in Orange County and learned that she really wanted to further her work with children and students. She applied to a new teacher program in Oakland in 2005, and was accepted and made the move to the bay, which has been one of the best decisions of her life! She received her Education Specialist credential as working as an intern from San Francisco State University and has worked in different settings around the bay, including public and nonpublic schools. Mrs. Rucker has also been working towards being a school administrator and has been part of the Springstone administration team for the last two years. She is excited to step in as principal an continue to work with and for Springstone and our students!

Mei Costello - Board Member

Mei Costello is the Senior Director or finance and administration at Rockyou, a social gaming company in San Francisco.

Kristine Wong, OTR-L, M.Ed. – Founder and Director

Kristine Wong is a licensed occupational therapist and a credentialed special education teacher. She has extensive experience in both educational and private practice settings.