Springstone is that very special school that teaches in ways that all students can learn and appropriately challenges its students academically, so they are right up to par with California standards. Springstone creates a comfortable and accepting environment where the students can be themselves, have fun, and know they are valued for their unique points of view. The friends my son met in eighth grade are still among his best friends today. Our son has gone on to a four-year college in Florida and has maintained an above average GPA. He is now concluding his sophomore year. One of his best Springstone friends is also at a private four-year college in California, and others are doing very well at local junior colleges. I think this speaks volumes for what a great job Springstone has done to prepare our kids for their next stage of life. We are very grateful to The Springstone School!

Celina Abu-Ghaben

Fund The Future

October 2013 - December 2014

Goal: $100,000

Our Fund the Future campaign has come to an end and we have exceeded our goal by nearly $10,000!

Thank you everyone for your generosity and support. The main goals of this campaign were to raise funds in order to support three critical parts to our program: Community Access expenditures, technology components and updates, and to purchase new textbooks and other printed materials.

The Springstone Community Access Program, designed by the co-founders of the school, challenges students in both academic and social endeavors. Students acquire and practice pragmatic language skills during academic and elective classes, and during frequent experiential activities. Activities and instruction occur both on and off campus and serve to promote life skills development and to enhance academic knowledge. These activities focus on conversation, vocation aptitudes, critical thinking, self-advocacy, recreational interests and volunteer work. Financial support is needed for using public transportation and paying for off-site instruction and activities.

Springstone emphasizes the use of technology as an educational tool. Classrooms are equipped with laptop computers, computer projectors, wireless internet, access to a shared network, and overhead projectors. Our students use laptop computers for concept-mapping and written activities. A shared network allows students to store and retrieve documents in folders that are organized by grade and class. We continually need to update and replace computers and technology.

At Springstone, we feel that it's important to update textbooks not only because of their physical condition but also because newer books are adapted to current state standards. As our textbooks age and as the new Common Core State Standards go into effect, we will need to keep our written materials current.

Fund the Future allows us to move forward to support these very important aspects of our program. Thank you again.