Andrew had many years of frustrating academic experiences before attending Springstone, and it was a long journey to find the right school for him. Thankfully, we finally did. He was very fortunate to be able to attend such a special school. We will forever be grateful to you for accepting him as a student.

Victoria Figueroa

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT) strategies are an integral part of a student’s day at Springstone. Each student’s preferences, strengths, and needs are evaluated. Students are then provided a sensory menu to use during their day. These “menus” are modified throughout the year to incorporate new tools and adjust to student’s needs. Transition breaks between classes are a structured time when students use OT strategies. In addition the OT tools are available within the classroom for students to use during class.

In the weekly OT class, students learn about the various senses, the brain, and movement. Each student is then provided the opportunity to use each sense given numerous tools. We engage in a wide range of activities in an effort to discover how our body and brain take in information from the world. Students explore strategies that help them to learn, to be calm and focused, and become more alert. Students also learn where and when these strategies are most appropriate. All of our students find that these strategies and tools not only impact their ability to pay attention, but also help students move more efficiently, improve their mood, and reduce anxiety.