“Before Springstone, our family felt alone in trying to figure out how to help him develop; now we have constant help and support from his teachers. Springstone is the best school that I could ever imagine for him.”

Sherry Williams



Art Club – Students engage in a variety of crafts; drawing, painting, sculpture, mask making, and more.

Book Club – Avid readers get together to discuss content of the book of the month.

Dance Committee – The place to plan and organize the high school dances. Students in this club are responsible for raising money, creating a theme, purchasing decorations and food, and setting up/cleaning up every dance.

Girls Group - Typically in this population there are fewer girls. This club provides our girls with the opportunity to connect and address challenges specific to them. The club also provides the girls a place to do “girly” things; paint their nails, bake cupcakes, shop, and talk.

Homework Club - Our students are invited to stay after school to get some extra guidance on their homework assignments before they get home.

Knitting - Students learn the different stitches and patterns to make everything from scarves to sweaters.

Robotics - Another popular club, Robotics goes beyond the simple Lego kits and challenges students to construct actual functional circuits with light sensors, sound sensors, and motors using breadboards circuit plans.

Sports Club - Sports club teaches the rules and skills to some common sports in a safe, non-competitive environment.

Strategy Games - In one of our more popular clubs, students have the opportunity to learn and practice such games as chess, go, and Risk.

Writing Club – For those students who love to write, writing club offers a place to expand skills and explore topics.

Yearbook - Students learn basics of photography, design and layout to create the contents of our yearbook. In addition students work on their writing skills and interviewing skills.

Special Events

Winter Dance - A chance to practice social skills in a more formal setting, try out some new dance moves, and have fun with friends.

Prom - The Springstone School invites all grades to attend our Prom. Students are required to dress formally and use proper etiquette as they dine and dance with friends.

Camp Arroyo

Springstone would like to recognize The Taylor Family Foundation for hosting our Camp held at The Taylor Family Foundation at Camp Arroyo on September 4th and 5th, 2014. The Taylor Family Foundation’s mission is to preserve the wellness and enhance the quality of life for children in Northern California with life- threatening and chronic illnesses, disabilities and youth at-risk through unique therapeutic experiences and support. For more information, please visit www.ttff.org.