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Founded in 2003, The Springstone School, a Nonpublic School (NPS), serves students with Executive Function challenges that affect their ability to organize and prioritize information and to make meaningful social connections. We have both a middle school program (grades 6-8) and a high school program (grades 9-12). We believe our students will develop strategies for use in academic and social settings if they are part of a community that understands, accepts, and challenges them.

Executive Function challenges are defined by processing deficits that negatively impact consistent academic production and favorable social outcomes. Springstone’s Program integrates pragmatic language, occupational therapy, organizational skills and life skills in the academic classroom as well as in activities that take place out in the community. This program aims to strengthen skills by emphasizing process to improve production.

Springstone students learn organizational and planning skills within the context of a rigorous middle school and high school curriculum that follows the framework of the California Common Core Standards. Small, self-contained, structured classrooms (a maximum of eight students per class) allow for individualized instruction, collaboration, discussion and conversation within multiple modalities. We use a wide variety of written materials including textbooks, journal articles, and web resources. Students have access to electronic media such as videos, audio books, music, interactive websites, and online curriculum.

If you are interested in ways you can support The Springstone School, visit our Ways to Support Springstone page.

Learn More about Our School

The 2024 Seniors created a video for our annaul auction launch where they shared about their journey through Springstone, our ACCESS program, and our senior star service dinner.