"Finally, and perhaps most meaningfully, Springstone has given all of us that precious commodity of hope. Through the brilliant, insightful, innovative and compassionate work of you and your staff, we feel as though we have genuine partners in building a brighter future for Lillian."

The Kleins


Jenna Cassel, B.A. – History and Liberal Arts

Jenna graduated in 2009 with a B.A. in Liberal Arts and History. She has been teaching grades Kindergarten through 12th throughout the years, but always with a deep interest towards history. She took a couple years off to raise her daughter but is now happy to be placed here at Springstone! Miss Cassel has a passion for History and takes every opportunity to explore the world and reflect on History and where we came from. Miss Cassel loves traveling and seeing other cultures through first hand experiences. She is a huge part of her community and town events and we are sure you will see her out and about.

Michael Feinberg, B.A. – Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science

After graduating with a Bachelors’ Degree from Wesleyan University in 2003, Mr. Feinberg decided to pursue a career in teaching. Since then, he has worked at Children’s Learning Center in Alameda, the San Francisco Zoo, and a San Francisco-based environmental education program called Tree Frog Treks. In addition to teaching, Mr. Feinberg loves being outside and appreciating the natural world. Lafayette is right in the “backyard” of one of his favorite places to go, Briones Regional Park.

Celeste Fendell-B.A., English, M.S. Educational Leadership

Celeste Fendell is a native Californian. She has worked in several high schools and types of high school programs in the Bay Area as both an English teacher and a special education teacher. She teaches English/Language Arts to 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders at Springstone School. Her hobbies are hiking, enjoying nature, and paper crafts. She is thrilled to become a member of the Springstone staff and delighted to meet Springstone students and families.

Kerry Linetzky, M.A., MFT – Social Skills, Art Therapy, Administration

Ms. Linetzky is an Art Therapist and Marriage Family Therapist with a Masters' Degree from Notre Dame de Namur University. She has been licensed with the BBSE since 2005, and has worked extensively with young students and teens in a variety of settings (such as inpatient, day treatment, school, individual and group). In addition to being a part of the administrative team, Ms. Linetzky develops and facilitates the social skills program, counsels 8th, 9th and 10th grade students, and leads the art program.

Kira Matiya, M.A., MFTI - Counseling

Raised in Alaska, Ms. Matiya graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts and Arts Education. Upon graduation, she worked in a school settings one on one with students, she found that she wanted to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Art Therapy Psychology. Graduating from Notre Dame de Namur, she began her counseling experience at a high-needs public school in the Bay Area facilitating art therapy with students and families. Ms. Matiya has experience working with students at the college, high school, middle school, and elementary school levels. This myriad of experiences has enhanced her skill-set and deepened her empathy and love for students! In her down time, you can find Ms. Matiya reading at the beach, climbing up a mountaintop, or snapping photos of the great outdoors.

Zach Miller, B.A. - S.F.S.U.

Zack is a Bay Area native who attended Acalanes High School right here in Lafayette! His main hobby growing up was working in video production, acting on stage and in front of the camera. However, Zack has always had a passion and a drive to work in the special education field. He attended college SFSU to receive his B.A. in Liberal Studies, and currently is enrolled at St. Mary's College of California a Master's degree. Zack has worked different jobs over the years with adults and students with special needs in Alameda, Piedmont, and Lafayette. His goal is to always help individuals with special needs to reach their highest potential and gain as much independence as possible.

Corbin O'Connor, B.A. Saint Mary's College of California

After completing high school in Belgium, Mr. O’Connor moved to California and attended Saint Mary’s College. As a graduate of The Integral Program, his specialties are history, political science, and economics. In respect to his method, Mr. O’Connor seeks to have students understand the nature of cause and effect, rather than the memorization of arbitrary dates and events. In his free time, he enjoys backpacking and experiencing the great outdoors.

Justin Thiel, B.A. – Earth Science, Biology, Botany, Physics

Originally from the Chicago area, Mr. Thiel moved to California in 2003 . He graduated with a degree in Education from Concordia University, Chicago. Since graduating, he has worked in a variety of education settings and has been a classroom teacher since 2005. Mr. Thiel places a strong emphasis on process and critical thinking.

Bronwyn Turney, M.A. – Cross Cultural Education- Middle School Language Arts

Ms. Turney is originally from Sacramento, California and has been working in the education field for over 10 years. As an elementary school general education teacher working with 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders, Ms. Turney taught in both resource and inclusion programs. Working as a general education teacher, she was inspired to go back to school to receive a Special Education Credential. Ms. Turney also runs our mindfulness program and is certified to teach yoga to students.