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Art Club

Students engage in a variety of crafts; drawing, painting, sculpture, mask making, and more.

Homework Club

Our students are invited to stay after school to get some extra guidance on their homework assignments before they get home.


Students learn basics of photography, design and layout to create the contents of our yearbook. In addition students work on their writing skills and interviewing skills.

Dance Committee

The place to plan and organize the high school dances. Students in this club are responsible for raising money, creating a theme, purchasing decorations and food, and setting up/cleaning up every dance.

Anime Club

Join the Anime club where we do fun things like watch anime movies and discuss anime and manga! Have once in a while events like bring in your manga collection and trade! Show off your knowledge with trivia games, play video games, come join the Anime Fun!

Sports Club

Students will be involved in various non-competitive games and learn the foundation of various games, from basketball, to lacrosse, to volleyball! Students will also work on foundational skills for games and learn how to work with a group!

Friday Games

Join us Friday afternoons to end out the week with fun and free time before heading home.

Guys Group

Come hang out with the guys!

Drama Club

Students who take part in the drama club will learn the elements of drama, be introduced to the world of competitive interpretation, learn about theater etiquette and the audition process, and partake in individual, partnered, and group performances. This club will primarily be a hands-on and on-your-feet club. Students will use a lot of improvisation during the small activities and learn how to stay in character if any improvisation will be thrown out there.

Girls' Group

Typically in this population there are fewer girls. This club provides our girls with the opportunity to connect and address challenges specific to them. The club also provides the girls a place to do “girly” things; paint their nails, bake cupcakes, shop, and talk.

Strategy Games

In one of our more popular clubs, students have the opportunity to learn and practice such games as chess, go, and Risk.

Globe Trotter

Explore different cultures from around the world through different modalities: Literature, art, current events, and language!